I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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There is some kind of hearing set for that date.

I'm hardly an expert on this thing.  I just try to interpret what information I can glean from the RRC site.

Spud BSI Keydets B1 on April 16, 2018!

XTO discovered (in March) unleased owners in tracts 3, 4 & 35 of the Keydets unit. Those tracts are within such a distance, as provided for in the rules, that the company either has to create a non-perforation zone and not produce those minerals at all or get an exception to Rule 37 lease line provisions so that they can produce those minerals without having to lease the remaining unleased owners. The big problem that I see (I am not a lawyer) is that they noticed these people with the #B 1 well permit but didn't notice them on the H 1 well which has been producing for two years. Some of those owners filed a protest to the SWR37 exception application, hired attorneys and now a hearing has been set. Pertinent: Well #B 1 is a stacked lateral and those unleased tracts have the same proximity to this well as they do to the #H 1 well which has been producing for two years. I'd get a lawyer, too.

Note: this is the first time in ten years that I have seen a Notice of Hearing packet posted to a well W-1 page. It may have happened before in other districts/counties. I just have not ever seen it in this district.

You have to read all the notes and attachments to sort of figure out what is going on. 

BSI Keydets DU #B 1 - permit page (scroll down to the bottom)

Notice of Hearing - packet

So,is the well producing during litigation?

I don't have any knowledge in that area, Carla. We used to have some legal eagles around here who could answer that but they've all moved on, it seems.

Well!  It doesn't look like we're getting anything this month either.  I think they are going to drag this out as long as they can to see if they can get more people to sell their minerals.


Mister Sunday, it appears you may get a check in September for July production. XTO reported (partial month, it looks like) from both Keydets DU #H 1 (62,039 mcf) and Boll Weevils DU #H 1 (7,022 mcf).

I wonder why there is a discrepancy between the Production Data Query and the Production Reports Query?  I had been using the PDQ, that's why i thought there was no production.  Thanks for the heads-up.

I wonder if they are drawing off of the B1 hole yet.  I think that hearing was supposed to be today.

Nevermind,, I see there was a withdrawal of protest.

PDQ has always lagged a month behind PRQ. It may be because PRQ is a part of the newer digital reporting system and PDQ is part of the old records system for the department which oversees gathering up production data (may require data entry) at RRC. There have been a lot of changes made over the last decade.

I'm gonna dig around for a while and see if I can find any new identification numbers for the B1 hole.


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