Carder Oil - 31 Operating not making interest payments to lease owners of Nat gas- oil they are pulling out of Webster, Sibley Field wells.

I am interested in knowing if there is other lease owners in the Sibley Field wells operated bye Carder Oil Company / 31 Operating,LLC, (Operator Name # 8270) that are not receiving their royalty payment in 2023.  I know there was many issues with this company not paying in 2020 thru 2021.  I would appreciate any news as of why this company sees fit to not make royalty payments to lease owners.

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Gary, If you do not receive the responses you are looking for here on the Main Page, I suggest that you post this discussion on the Webster Parish Group Page.  When you do that, all the members of that group will receive an email alerting them to your new discussion even if they haven't been on the website in months.  That doesn't happen when you post your discussion to the Main Page.  You can use this link to go to the Webster Parish Group page.  Good luck.

I did do that, as recommended.  Thank you. 

Gary, what you did was post the same discussion a second time on the Main Page.  If you look at the post information which I cut and paste below, it shows that it was posted in Shale Related Topics.  That is the main page.  If you had successfully posted in the Webster Parish Group, it would read in Webster Parish

Use the link I provided, go to the Webster Parish Group page and join the group if you are not already a member then scroll down to Add a Discussion, click on it and post your discussion title there.

Skip, Thank you again, I believe I have posted  in the correct Webster parish discussion board.  3rd time a charm!

Success, the third time was the charm.  Thanks for being persistent.


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