.    Last Shell revenue check I received was April 2020. Have not received any Castleton revenue checks. I talked to Castleton in June and July. Castleton said i was in their system and should start receiving revenue checks soon. Now Castleton will not answer the phone or call me after I’ve left several messages. Who can i talk to at Castleton to get information and start receiving revenue checks they owe me and other family members. Sections 21& 28  14n 15w

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When communicating with Castleton, or any other energy company regarding royalty payments, it's okay to speak with them on the phone but actually email is the better option as it provides a record of the date, who responded to your request and the reason given for any problem.

There always seems to be a lag in transferring pay decks.  I don't know  why that is but I do know that a lag of a few months in normal.  Five months, April to September, is too long, not normal.  Send an email to Owner Relations.  Be specific with your details.  It may or may not help but you now have a record of your communication with the company.

Owner Relations

At Castleton Resources, we value our relationship with our royalty and working interest owners.

To assist you and answer your inquiry in a timely and efficient manner, you may contact us directly at the following:

Castleton Resources LLC Owner Relations
Email: CCI-OwnerRelations@cci.com
Owner Relations Hotline: 281-714-2929
Fax Number: 281-714-2972

Castleton Resources LLC
Attn: Land Administration Department
811 Main Street, Suite #1500
Houston, TX 77002

Email: CCIJIB@cci.com
Phone Number (Voicemail Only): 979-314-0599

Thanks Skip


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