Anybody get a check from Aethon? We were with Samson, now Aethon, but no check since Dec. last check from Samson. 

Just wondering, and waiting. 

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I am not in your situation, but I do get royalty from Aethon.  EnergyLink sent me an email that the checks for this month are dated Feb 26.  If you need a phone number for Aethon it is 214-750-1522.  My recommendation would be to call them to see what they have to say.

Thank you for your response. I have talked to them, and was told Jan and Feb. checks would be the end of the month. 

So haven heard from you, I'm still hopeful. It's very hard to call and talk to anyone, other than a recording. 

I thank you for answering my message. 

Aethon does a good job. They pay on time. No problem. It might be that they need a little time to migrate accounts.

Thank you so much. This is our first experience with this problem. I am glad to know 

that Aethon is doing a good job. I will let you know how our situation comes out. 

I know Samson first sold to Rock Energy and after researching found that Rock Energy 

didn't know we were with them, so it has taken some time for these companies to get it straitened out.

Thanks again.  


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