Since Chesapeake bought Wildhorse they have pivoted to East Texas at the expense of the Haynesville.  It is sad that you can complete wells at 47 MMCFD and 34 MMCFD and Wall Street does not care.  81 MMCFD from one pad.   These two new wells are in Southern Caddo Parish just NE of Spring Ridge.  Attached is the Haynesville portion of their newest slide show.


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No attachment?

Jay I think I read in one of Chesapeake's investor calls that they were only going to leave one rig working the Haynesville and all others moving to the Wildhorse area. I think I read that in early April and it makes sense. That rig was last drilling Sec. 21 T14 R 15 in Keatchie and is probably completed with that by now. I look at Sonris and it shows the absence of Chesapeake with just a few oil and gas permits scattered over the state.

Maybe that will get their share price above $2????  Remember when it was $60?  Even I feel sorry for any employee who had that in his 401k.

I would like to see CHK sell to a company that does not sell their gas to a subsidiary marketing arm thus taking an extra cut of the lessor or UMI's gas.  Can we say "non-arms length transaction?" Hi Henry, long time no hear from.

I'm still around.  Just reading more than commenting.  

Are there any drilling in Shelby County

XTO currently has two rigs drilling south of Shelbyville.


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