Does anybody have any experience with

Crescent pass energy , just received an application for public

hearing in Bethany long street field 

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Never heard of Crescent Pass Energy.  Why is it asking for a public hearing?

New LLC...

Crescent Pass

Todd, can you describe what Crescent Pass Energy is applying for?

Skip it appears I received the same doc. as Todd. Crescent is making an initial app. to drill 3 CULs in sec. 5 > CV RA SU 82 & 3 more CULs in sec. 6 > CV RA SU 81. I received notice b/c of my ROI w/ Exco in secs. 5 & 6.

For those members who are not clairvoyant, this section 5 & 6 is in 14N - 15W.  Between Chimp Haven and Keatchie.  :-)

A mea culpa for not providing the township & range, can I plead my age & the fact it’s late in my world?
Sure, MB. Good night.



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