Does anybody have any experience with

Crescent pass energy , just received an application for public

hearing in Bethany long street field 

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Never heard of Crescent Pass Energy.  Why is it asking for a public hearing?

New LLC...

Crescent Pass

Todd, can you describe what Crescent Pass Energy is applying for?

Skip it appears I received the same doc. as Todd. Crescent is making an initial app. to drill 3 CULs in sec. 5 > CV RA SU 82 & 3 more CULs in sec. 6 > CV RA SU 81. I received notice b/c of my ROI w/ Exco in secs. 5 & 6.

For those members who are not clairvoyant, this section 5 & 6 is in 14N - 15W.  Between Chimp Haven and Keatchie.  :-)

They are based in NOLA I believe.  There is a legacy Fossil straight hole in Section 5 which gives them CV log analysis data.  Originally Indigo planned to offset this well with one in 31 but they dropped those plans when prices dropped.  We will see if they actually move forward and drill the wells.


A mea culpa for not providing the township & range, can I plead my age & the fact it’s late in my world?
Sure, MB. Good night.



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