I recently received a lease offer on some Shelby County land I hold the mineral rights to and was disappointed in the initial offer of $300/Acre and a 1/6 share. Has anyone heard of other offers that are better? It is in the Carson-Neva Survey area.

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Forgot to mention....Lafayette County is just north of Bossier Parish.

If you don't mind me asking, who was your offer from?
shell paid $10,500 per acre lease near pleasant hill, la for 14 acres last week.
jr, please enlighten me! The Shelby Operating Company that I was referring to is out of Dallas,Texas, and they have held leases in east Texas for many, many years. Were you referring to the same company? I'm interested in selling the rest of my four acres of minerals, royality, and even the land surface. It is located in east Texas, Harrison County, and just south of I-20 on the Texas side of the Lousiana/Texas state line.
Please give me any contact information and any other details on the
$10,500 per acre payment.
Trina: Please send me the legal discription, and your other pertinent information by email to: hilligas@sbcglobal.net (please include email,
address, and phone.) Thanks, Don
Come on man, no solititation on this site unless you feed the kitty (pay for the right).
No, Shell and Shelby are not the same company.
Is this the Pleasant Hill, La. in Sabine Parish?
KB, most everything around Pleasant Hill is leased to SWEPI and CHK. You can take what jr says to the bank, I know him, and he is in a position to know everything that is going on in that neck of the woods.
Do you know what leases are going for in western Harrison County, north of I-20?
$5K/25% near Clyde Fant pkwy; 1 acre.
Re Pleasant Hill lease -- jr & two dog... Would this be Belmont? A friend in the neighborhood informed me of a Belmont lease with a $10k/acre bonus with 25% royalty that was signed a week to 10 days ago. The area he gave me was Belmont, which is a few miles down the road from P Hill.


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