Is there a format in Sonris that if the well serial number is known, to determine where the well is located, as to range, township, etc?

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The SONRIS Lite Well File from lists the section-township-range in the first line.  The same line that starts with the Serial Number.  The surface location within the section is given in the first or bottom line in the Scout Report portion of the well file.  Older wells may lack this entry.

BS, for some Haynesville Shale wells the well name may include a section number that is different than the S-T-R listed for the well location.  This indicates the horizontal lateral is located in a different section than the surface location.  The following is one example.


EnCana, Olympia Min 30 #H1 Well, Serial #242529, S19-T9N-R11W


The surafce location is in Section 19 while the lateral is being drilled and completed in Section 30.  

Click this link, enter the serial number, then click submit. Well information for that serial number will be listed.
Many thanks, got another 1 for you.  Is there any way you can enter the section-township-range and see if there is a rig/well in that unit?

Yes, you can Google "Sonris Lite" and then click on  the category "Wells by Section, Township, and Range".  That should do it.

BS, you can only see if there is a permitted well with a surface location in that section.  Drilling rigs are a whole different matter.
Les B, What do you mean by "drilling rigs are a whole different matter"?  Can a rig be drilling in a unit without a permit or serial number?  Thanks
IMO, Les is not referring to a rig drilling without a permit or serial number.  That does not happen.  I think he is referring to the fact that attempting to track drilling activity on SONRIS Lite is pretty futile unless you enjoy getting updates weeks or months after the fact.  The lag in a company reporting and the SONRIS staff updating the database means that often a Well File will only show a permit when the rig has already finished drilling and is long gone.  The typical time from spud to TD has decreased so significantly since the beginning of the Play that the only way to keep up with actual drilling activity to through subscription to weekly rig reports.  I use RigData.
Thanks, Skip.  How do you sign up/subscribe to RigData?  Do they have a web site?


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