Does SONRIS have GIS for OGM leases on privately held tracts?

I'm looking for oil/gas/mineral lease tract information throughout the state of Louisiana. SONRIS is the obvious place to access this. While I see lots of information related to LA State owned oil/gas/mineral interests in the SONRIS Interactive Maps area, but are there privately held leases available for download here too? Perhaps in the subscription service?

Strangely I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone at the DNR there. I'd sure appreciate any advice!


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There are no leases in the SONRIS database for private minerals.  In fact you will not find any in the public records of the individual parishes any later than about 2008.  The Louisiana legislature passed a law allowing lessees to record a memorandum of lease instead of the full lease.  Various operators and land companies switched over to a memo in place of the full lease agreement over the course of less than a year for recordation purposes.

Most Louisiana parishes with HA/BO production offer online remote accounts so you have an alternative to Drillinginfo.  A memorandum of lease will provide the term of the lease including any extension option, a legal description of the property and the names and mailing addresses of the lessor and lessee. 

Thanks for the advice! That's what I needed to know.



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