This has probably been discussed before.

If a drilling permit shows the well located in 2 sections in which section is the well active?

In the example below, Section 8 or Section 17

335' FNL & 1767' FEL OF SEC 8-T13N-R12W. PBHL: 330' FSL & 1341' FEL OF SEC 17-T13N-R12W

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By "active" I presume that you mean producing.  And paying royalty.  This well will have perforations (production) in Section 8 from 335' south of the north section line down to 330' from the south section line of Section 17. The drill site (well pad/surface location) looks to be in Section 8 from what has been provided but could be in Section 5.  Impossible to know without a well serial number.

thank you for the response Skip.  The serial number is  252797.  I believe it to be in section 8 under SUBB

You're welcome.  On SONRIS, click on the serial number in blue.  Then click on the Document icon and scroll to the last page.  On the well plat you will see the surface location (SL) and the lateral path with notations for First Take Point (FTP) in Section 8 and the Last Take Point (LTP) in Section 17.  FTP is the first perforation in the horizontal lateral and LTP is the last.

Looks to me like the pad is in Section 8.


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