I heard word that there is a pilot hole being drilled and that with the Haynesville Shale frac successes, the deep (20K-21Kft) could be an even bigger play than the Haynesville. Any thoughts??

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Rumor is, the land owners and all parties involved signed a confidentiality agreement. 1, possibly 2 rigs running, with operator starting with a "B", 1 hole currently at 17K+TVD. Full security at lease road entrance (Nothing new here though, a lot have that.) I find this incredibly interesting. I have yet to find any permit info on Sonris though (Bienville, Bossier NOR Webster Parishes).
Stephen, can you post the section-township-range?
If I could, i'd drive out and find the darn thing to verify. Unfortunately it's just rumor so far, that's why I'm asking here. :-) Curiosity killed the cat!
A permit exists and can be found easily with the section-township-range. But then again it would burst the rumor bubble, wouldn't it. :-)
not much of a confidentiality agreement if we are talking about it on GHS!
They will get some tax break credits from the state if they drill that deep.
Checkmateking, what do you know? Can you give the S/T/R?
Hey Check tell us so more about the technology. Is it along the line Electro was talking about?
If this well has no permit on SONRIS and does not appear on any proprietary drilling rig report, then someone is mistaken or that tug I feel is someone pulling my leg! It is a possibility that someone is confusing MD with TVD.
Are you saying they (anyone) can drill a well without a permit?
Its a concept play and they are keeping it close under their hat. By now there is probably a hit out on Check. He hasn't answered so they may have already got him.
And I think I know the concept. One employed often her on GHS. It's called unfounded rumor by those who decline to provide any substantive confirming evidence. In other words, just trust me! I just feel sad that Check was a casualty. RIP. LOL!


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