Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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Is there a difference in selling royalty rights and mineral rights?  Can you sell your mineral rights forever with the Louisiana 10 yr retention clause that would be overridden ?

Yes.  Use this link and review the second half of my blog post.

Thanks.  By the way they have finished fracking and have been told they are moving a completion rig there now.

They are flaring gas

passed throught Goudeau yesterday, gas is being flared from the well.

4 miles from it hope flow rate does better than the Dominique 27

Jay -

How many wells have IP'd at 1,000 BBLS - 2,000 BBLS - in the Austin Chalk - only to see diminishing numbers - ending up with the vast majority of wells never paying out.  Am I missing something?

Hopefully new technology will be our friend.  As long as we know the oil is there and it is, someone will keep trying until they get it right.  Anybody can be negative; usually the ones that aren't in the pool!

I'm new to this forum, my dad lives in Goudeau and I was out there last weekend visiting...we sat on his front porch and watched all the tanker trucks going to and from the wellsite all day and all night?  What are they hauling from the Eagles Ranch Well?

Water.  I haven't looked for the state completion report to figure the gallons of water pumped or the proppant loading but since the frac was completed a week or more before last weekend, I'll guess predominantly flow back water.  The majority of water pumped in the frack process begins to flow back, along with any proppant that didn't stay in the formation, and hydrocarbons when the well is allowed to flow.  Some of those tankers are carrying oil.  After a few weeks there would be fewer water tankers and, hopefully, more oil tankers.  Lots more.  :-)  

EOG is now listed as the operator of the Eagles Ranch 14H-1...the Lease well has now become a Unit Well and the trucks are still running back and forth from the well site.  I hope this is good news???


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