I just heard on radio that this pitiful piece of legislation will now go to the full house

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Oh, by the way I guess this is another bill that they did not have time to read, because they were so busy politicking!
Jim, why don't you explain it to us?
I found it both funny and sad with the legislator who brought a large gift box with him labeled "Gift to China from the US." He asked "What could be in here?" and opened it up revealing a hard hat labeled "US jobs."

What's really sad is all the people touting this claiming that the more money government spends on "green energy," the better the economy will be.

There are a lot of brainless TV commercials on this.

One claims that "the economy is cold and the climate is too hot. All we have to do is spend lots of money on carbon reduction and we'll cool the world down and save the economy."

There's a similar commercial with some old farmer claiming that all we have to do is spend money on green energy and the air will be clean and we'll all have high paying "green" jobs.

It's nice to know that all we need to do is have the government spend more money to fix the climate and the economy.
Curious about what's in the bill?
Watch these videos!

Bankrupt?? Where did you hear this crap, from Rush?
That bill certainly is just that!
Obama has already bankrupted the country, now he wants to destroy it, he is an unabashed neo-marxist fool who has never held a job other than community organizer or politician.
Pay who?

What about when someone mows the lawn?
All those grass clippings decomposing is emitting CO2.
Should the home owner be sent a bill?
What about all those dead leaves? They emit CO2 when they decompose!
Should all who owns forestry or wooded property have to pay?
All this CO2 crap is nothing but something the government has gotten folks to believe is a serious problem so they can extract funds.
I'm 100 % in favor of you changing your lifestyle, Jim.

The one thing they never say is how their going to get China, Russia, and India to stop.
The can't even stop a North Korean ship. lol.
Dorcheated Al,

People in the USA have a mistaken belief that Third World countries operate along similar lines as First World countries.

In Indonesia there was a main highway with an 8" crude pipeline laid about 2 foot off its edge. It must have been carrying very heavy crude or crude with a high wax content. Every half a mile or so, they had dug a pit exposing the pipe. They had put a one inch saddle valve on the line that kept the pit filled with crude. This was kept burning 24 hours a day. They put sheet metal at the edge of the road to keep from blistering the paint off passing vehicles.

As this area had steep hills, you could get on a high hill top and as far as you could see was flames and clouds of dense smoke from the burning crude. This line was about 20 miles long. Try doing that in the USA.

This was in 1997 when they burnt so much jungle off to plant rubber trees and oil palms, that the smoke covered whole Asian countries. It got to where you could not see from one end of a 40-foot pipe to the other. We finally had to shut the job down and were sent home for 45 days.

In Southern Mexico in the oil & gas fields, and around refineries and chemical plants, there are chemicals and waste products discharged directly into waterways. They turn yellow or brown with no vegetation , fish or animals living in them. These waterways lead directly ninto the Gulf of Mexico. This area is also very bad for acid rain.

Twenty or thirty years ago, Pemex had a blow out of an offshore oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It was finally relief-well drilled and capped, but one high up person with Pemex told the press that there was no problems as the oil was merely "Feeding the Ocean". There were huge "tar balls" coming ashore on Texas beaches.

Until we get all of the countries "singing from the same sheet of music" one country alone can not clean up anything.
We obviously have to do something to get off of fossil fuels. Natural gas seems like the logical bridge as far as a transportation fuel. It would go a long way to get us off of imports. Unfortunately our democrat leadership (?) think natural gas drillers are evil and greedy. It may take years to be accepted as such a bridge.

Why not just tax the end user of carbon. It is going to trickle down anyway with higher prices for everything. Taxes to consumers on gasoline and electricity would dramatically decrease our carbon footprint and get people to conserve. This tax revenue could be used to subsidize renewable projects, although with all the red tape and huge government who knows if we can actually build these industries to replace fossil fuels. It just seems to me it would be so much simpler and require far less govt intrusion into our lives, less government is a good thing I think. We are going to be taxed anyway. Why not go to the end of the line instead of the front? Taxing the polluters will only kill jobs and send jobs overseas. But I guess people are the ones who vote. Taxing the companies makes it seem easier and less costly on the individual taxpayer, when actually it's the same.


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