Does anybody know about  and/or had past dealings with Energy Deep Resources, Inc., located at 8891 Sugarland Drive in Shreveport, La.   They want to purchase a percentage of  royalty rights from a friend ...  It's hard to find information regarding this company by searching the internet.   Your opinion would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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This company is not registered with the LA. Secretary of State. This offer is for royalty interest in what parish?
Energy Deep Resources, Inc. is an Alabama corporation with an official address of 255 Staithaven Lane, Pelham, AL. 35124. Subtracting all the corrections they have filed, there are about 30 royalty and mineral deeds in their name recorded in DeSoto Parish. I am not personally familiar with the company.
First of all, thank you all for the comments regarding this topic. Go Haynesville is a very helpful site for knowledge. The offer is for Natchitoches Parish and according to the letter they state: "We have purchased over $10,000,000 of Bienville, DeSoto, Red River and Sabine Parish royalty in the past year and continue to purchase despite the current depressed price of natural gas."
Not to be too nosey, but I am. Whats the offfer?
The offer is 1/2 of the royalty. It's amazing to me how they arrive at a certain amount to pay... how do they do that ?? :)
I misspelled the street, it's Strathaven. It's a residential address.
8891 Sugarland Drive: Canebrake Apartments

Canebrake is a new luxury community in the most strategic location in Shreveport and superior amenities

When you come to town Jay maybe you should drive around a bit, things do change!
I never got the invite, you said you were going to call. You did miss the big cookout at the farm Saturday evening though. Maybe next time.
The real point of interest is this is a company doing buisness in LA without being registered as a forien corporation. I would be real careful.

That being said, if they offer enough $$$, go for it. Its just a royalty sale, they would not have the leaseing rights so the only question is if they are paying a fair price. Just make sure you understand the documents they are using (Cobra Petroleum comes to mind)
Residential apartments behind the back lot for the car dealers, next to the sand creek bayou (i.e. drainage ditch) and water retention pond.

Confidence inspiring strategic location indeed.

I don't know this company. I believe there are a lot of snakes in this business.

I think it's unlikely anyone is paying enough for future royalties for it to make sense for any "normal" people to sell to anyone buying mineral rights. There are just too many other suckers out there who they can buy mineral rights cheaply from.

I personally know mineral owners who had dealings with this group.


They are real and their money is real.


The owner is from AL but has a 'field office' in Shreveport for Haynesville operations.



I know these guys, too.

Good folks with deep pockets.




full disclosure: I've bought a little royalty from them.


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