EOG filed a LA Austin Chalk drilling permit in East Feliciana on the LA/MS state line in Little Comite Creek field.


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They all load into the same pipelines. 

We had the same situation.  We were a Shamrock dealer.  Their refinery was in Shamrock, Texas, way out in West Texas.  Since Mobil had a refinery in Houston we got our gas there and Mobil got their gas from shamrock in west Texas.  I'm bragging but we sold 11/2 million gallons a month and had 3 transports.  After I graduated from college I was running one of the stations.  My brother asked me if I was gonna work in a gas station all my life.  " I said if my name is on the building I will.  Like I say it is a thrill for me to have leased and got a check, not a big one off of a well for 15 yrs.

Back in the day it wasn't hard to tell the Amoco Premium because it was white gas or clear gasoline as opposed to all the others. Can you explain that?  I don't doubt that today all the gas is the same other than octane. My last fast car was a Chrysler Crossfire and with a 10 to 1 compression ratio it didn't run right on regular, in fact after running a little while on regular a light on the dash would come on.

Yep, everyone called it white gas and it was clear.  Don't know for sure but thought it was the additives that gave other gas a pinkish color.  It was higher octane, wasn't it?

About as high as you could get in Louisiana, Can't remember the number but think it was close to 100 octane maybe 98 or 99. I use to read the Hot Rod Magazine and most of the California boys would run Sunoco 260 that I believe was 100 octane. Never saw a Sunoco station here in Louisiana. Never heard my lifters rattle on Amoco Premium.


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