EOG Submits Applications for New AC Units in East Feliciana

From Kirk Barrell via his Tuscaloosa Trend Blog (5/14)

EOG Files 19 AC Units

It appears that East Feliciana will begin to heat up a bit.

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Thanks, Dion. Much appreciated. A lot of landowners must be jumping for joy in the EOG pattern spread for these mapped units. I know some of those folks. Glad it's coming sooner rather than later. 

Any thoughts as to why EOG is "looking" updip, when their first leasehold was predominantly downdip? Time is running out on those leases, and they will have to pay additional rentals to maintain those leases for another 3 years. They could be taking the LAMS stack play seriously?

Drinking the KB Tea

Tea or Koolaid? Why are they "dancing" in PCP? Updip most likely easier Stack Play, but downdip greater potential and  more complex geology??? In terms or earlier leases, is time running out? So many ???, so little time.

I wonder what Kirk thoughts on subject?

More Koolaid or what is EOG doing updip?


14 more units for EOG posted on Kirk's site just west of COP units.  


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