Anyone have any new information

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This what your talking about?

No, the 60 BOPD is what I was concerned with

I was referring to Rockman's comment that he hadn't seen data on "proppant and fluid volumes"

No problem that is a good key question

This info was their planned stimulation - they ended up with a shorter lateral and there is no guarantee that they put away the stimulation as planned. I figure the actual frac info will eventually get posted on SONRIS

Or on Frac Focus.

There appears to be some additional information on Amelia Resources blog about this well too.

I just read over the info / comments that Kirk has posted on his Amelia Resources blog site. This appears to be a series of his comments and opinions based on the completion info that is noted at the start of this discussion. Basically no new factual data posted there - but his main conclusion / point is similar to what we have noted here, i.e. trying to make any significant interpretations from this single "point in time" IP test is a impossible to do.

As he noted, the actual production record over time for this well will tell the story. Similar to what we have learned as to the EOG well. 

Thanks RM for reply & sharing your knowledge & interpretation.  Patience and time.

Those two virtues are the key - the oilfield moves SLOW when it comes to things like this.

Rumor is the well has been shut in and production has been suspended.  I assume they will see if they can get an economic completion no their next well before throwing any more money at this one.


They are performing a shut-in pressure build up test for 8 days to assess the reservoir size.  Not a rumor, this is the truth


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