How active are the fracking companies looking for local sand? Does anyone have contact number? Also what are the economics? Thanks.

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What area are you referring to?

San Augustine,Tx. area. Just wondering about demand. I was under the assumption all the sand used for fracking was shipped in but I was wondering if they weren't looking to fill part of the demand with local sand at a reduced cost. I was hoping to get a contact so I could check on the economics of selling some sand. Thanks.

There is a good article on local frac sand mining  in West Texas in  The article is dated 7-10-18.  (Sorry, but I do not know how to do a link.)

Not all sand is the "right" sand for use as proppant. Suggest that you contact one of the frac sand companies. Try Performance Proppants.
Thanks for the information.

I saw a report this morning that Northern White frac sand had fallen to $30/ton minegate.  What is minegate?  And for that matter, what is Northern White?  I would appreciate any information.. 

Pretty sure "minegate" is the cost at the plant / leaving the plant or mine.

Northern White is a type of frac sand, i.e. 20-40 sieve size white sand.

Thank you for the information.

One of the major costs of frac sand is transportation.  So the ultimate cost to the end user depends on distance.  This is why there is a proliferation of new companies that tout their sand as sourced within the basin where it is used.  The closer the sand, the cheaper the cost to the well operator.



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