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If you have been contacted to lease your minerals, grant a right-of-way, surface, or sub-surface agreement, let us help you understand the process and paperwork. This event will help you learn about the oil and gas activity in your area, and what could happen next within the Austin Chalk Play. Meet the people who represent you at the state and national levels. NARO is the only national organization representing solely and without compromising oil and gas royalty owners’ interests. It is FREE to attend! Please plan to join us.


Paul Vallhonrat, NARO Louisiana President & Mark Przywara aka "Rockman" who is a veteran Geologist

Fuel Yourself With Knowledge events are free and open to the public, however these events have limited space. 

You must be registered to attend.

RSVP online at www.naro-us.org/events


email csimonds@naro-us.org

For questions, or to register by phone 800-557-0557

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It's very nice of Mark "Rock Man" Przywara to participate in the NARO-LA Austin Chalk town hall.  All of us who follow his posts and appreciate his expertise should pass the word on the event and attend to thank him in person if possible.

Awesome.  Glad to have an industry speaker who actually knows the "rock".


NARO Louisiana is extremely honored to have Mark discuss the Austin Chalk.  Let's make sure we have a full house for a guy who has taught the AC followers so much.  Paragon in Marksville on August 7th at 6:00 pm. 

I am looking forward to speaking at next week's NARO meeting as well as meeting many of the individuals who I have been "talking to" over the past several months.

Was there any new information presented at the meeting at Paragon Casino last night?  


If by "new" you are referring to industry activity / scout reports / related info - no. This was not the purpose of the meeting and presentations.

But if by "new" you are referring to info on leasing issues (Paul's presentation) or the Austin Chalk (my presentation) as to technical attributes / key factors / drilling and completion issues of concern / comparison of La to Tx AC / etc., then a lot of information was presented to the 30 attendees.

Based on the response of the attendees, much of this was "new" info to them.

Thank you.  I wish that I could have been there. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the group. 

I want to thank Rock Man for his great presentation.  It was great meeting him and wish more of you could have attended.  We had some walk ups which was good.  NARO Louisiana tries to cover as many topics as possible with our Fuel Yourself With Knowledge events and hope we can come back to CENLA for more Austin Chalk presentations.  President Paul Vallhonrat spoke about Leasing and was able to give some suggestions to those who have not yet leased their minerals.  NARO LA appreciates GoHaynesvilleShale and Keith for promoting our event. 

Marksville is a tough location for most of us.  There is no easy way to get there. Glad some were able to make the trek.  


Yes, the presentations at this NARO event were very helpful and informative.  Lease terms and geology control the flow of petrodollars.  Regardless of what happens in Central LA with the AC near term, my gut feeling is that this play will continue for years/decades assuming that Earth doesn’t reach a tipping point that it cannot recover.  Thanks again to everyone who made this presentation happen.



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