Some time ago, I worked on a Haynesville project that involved an estimate of Gas In_Place volumes using a petroleum systems model created from public data. Shown is a map of free gas in BCF per section. I have attached a rather lengthy PDF showing input maps, assumptions and general eye candy. It contains a significant amount of geologic information. If you are interested in finding out how much gas lies under your property, I can do that for you (seriously, you could digitize the contours in this map, grid them and do it in GIS yourself but...). Attached is a sliding-scale price list. From you I would need a polygon of your land boundaries, either digital or a scan with enough information that I can georeference it.

PS If this breaks any rules, let me know and I'll delete it. 

Jack Flannery

Acres Cost
0-100 $200
101-200 $350
201-500 $675
501-1000 $850
>1001 $1,000

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Jack, I think your post may be technically against the rules in regard to solicitations on the Main Page however I don't have a problem with it and unless Keith objects, let's just leave it up.  If any member would care to know where they are located that's okay by me I just do not think that knowing that benefits them in selling or valuing their minerals.  IMO, the price is a little steep for just curiosity sake.  I can draw in the townships in about five minutes.  Of course I have had some practice as I have been doing that since 2008.  With the right map to work off, I suspect most of the members could do it in fifteen.

But can you quantitatively place GIP? Anyway, if it's agains the rules so be it. I couldn't find the rules so I threw it up there.

Not quite clear.  Are you suggesting that you will provide a recovery factor to reduce GIP to technically recoverable reserves per tract?

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Thank You


Telling people the estimated gross free gas in place volume for various properties is fine and dandy, but without an estimate of RECOVERABLE gas based on "X" feet of stimulated rock volume in theoretical lateral wellbores, you are misleading mineral owners as to the theoretical value of their gas assets. This is what I would want to pay for if I were to contract you.

Individuals need a realistic viewpoint of recoverable reserves - not just the gross volume.


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