just saw the docamentry GAS LAND is it true or fiction. It made me sick.

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freddie, that horse was beat to death two weeks ago with the initial HBO airing. 10 pages of discussion thread. Link follows:

I can show you water faucets that would light up 50 years ago with no wells for 25 miles around. How many people have ever tested their well water with a lighter?
History of early NW Louisiana reveals that natural gas was first discovered in in 1910 at the old "Shreveport Ice Plant" when a worker noticed that bubbles were coming from the company's shallow water well. He struck a match, and "sure enough, there it was"! Let's see now, that was about 98 years before fracing the Haynesville, wasn't it?
About 30 years ago in Bossier parish I personally turned on the kitchen faucet,filled a glass coke bottle and lit it with a match.Actually numerous times because it was so much fun to bet people the water would burn and then see the look received when it did.
Freddie, the movie is full of holes, falsehoods, distortions, mis-information, inaccuracies, untruths, bad karma, mentiras, mensonges, lügens, leugens - ah you get the picture.
Gasland is mostly horsesh*t. JMO
Freddie, JF may have been motivated by one of the following:

1) JF wants us completely off fossil fuels and views natural gas as a threat.
2) Shale gas is a hot topic and JF saw the movie as an opportunity to make a fast buck.
3) The coal industry gave JF a stack of cash.

Interestingly I think this movie took very little money to actually make. Let's face it - most of the movie looks like a bad home video with JF just yammering away to the camera. Contrast that with the effort and quality of "Haynesville".
Here, so we can stop trying to be omnipotent about Jos Fox's intents & motives. He did an interview with NOW on PBS.


somebody watch that and let us know what he "says" his intent was, 'cause i'm not wasting 23 minutes that don't afford me the opportunity to make fun of sesport.
Here, since you're short on time, I'll save you the trouble.

Reply by essay 1 day ago

Oh, and you forgot to "take a dump" here.


weak. see, i don't do well with ultimatums, especially not from little progressive trolls that claim to be independent thinkers. so you think perhaps that people won't agree with me that you act, at the very least, a little "special olympics" (to quote obama) due to your apparent lack of logic and reasoning skills? not to mention the fact that you persist in following me around, prodding me into flaming you, as evidenced by that thread you so kindly linked. good job.

so can we lock this thread yet?
I think you answered your own question when you said you said "documentary". It is not fiction.


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