gas production 08/2018 1018 MCH on 09/2018 production 1754847MCH

Looked on SONRIS today on well completed 07/14/2010 in Desoto Parish Section 29   Recently 4 horizontal wells were completed in same section  and put on line 09/2018..  is this jump in production on well completed 07/14/10 for real...08/01/2018   1018 MCH     ...09/01/2018  1754847MCH 

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No - depending on the offset activity, the well from 2010 might have experienced a small bump in production.  However, in Louisiana, wells in the same unit use the same LUW code.  Most likely, that production value is the production for all 4 of the new wells + the existing well.  

Thanks for the information.  Makes more sense coming from 5 wells.  Not one old one.    Just checked   The new wells are under the same LUW code 

Do NOT depend on Sonris for reliable production info.


What should be understood concerning monthly production reports on SONRIS is that it can take some months for production from new wells to show up.  There is always about a two to three month built in lag between first production and the first monthly report including that volume depending on the date the well is first produced.  Example, 2 new wells are completed that include a unit with an older original well.  Even though the Well Scout portion of a SONRIS Well File shows a completion date and Initial Production data for each new wells,  the unit production volume for each of those wells will show only that of the original well and not the volume from the new wells.

Producing Haynesville wells currently show September production volumes.  Sometime later this month (November) or early next (December), the October production will be posted. 

Thanks for explaining this Skip..Since new wells were put on line Sept 1 and will not show up for couple of months then what caused the big jump from 8/18/to 9/18

Jackie, you haven't provided enough information for me to answer that question.  Please provide the township and range that goes with Section 29.  DeSoto Parish has numerous Section 29s.  Indeed one in every township.

Section 29   Township 14n   Range 15w

Part of the reason is the completion date, 9/1.  The other part could only be answered by Covey Park.  I can assure you this is a rare instance. 

Thank you.  I will call them tomorrow



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