Has anyone heard anything going on lately with the Gobi Well? 

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Martha, this is insufficient information upon which to comment.  Where is the well located?  When was it drilled?

It's a San Augustine well drilled & operated by Crimson. It was drilled in 2010, has produced 3.66 Bcf and made 4546 mcf in March. 

Martha, the short answer is no. Have you seen some activity recently? 

So, how's it doing?

Just about done, I'd say. I'd think they'd want to do something to maintain the leases but... what do I know?

I think Crimson will likely sit tight and hope that none of the unit lessors seeks a release.  Martha, what we are talking about here is not a "re-lease" or asking you to sign a new lease or lease extension.  The "release" I am referencing is an instrument filed in the public record that releases you from your existing lease when it expires due to a cessation of production by your well.  Once that happens your existing lease is null and void and Crimson should file a release of lease in the public record so that it is clear to any observer that you are unleased and therefore available to sign a new lease.


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