Thought I deleted this post.  Received leasing bonus.

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Were you paid with a bank draft? If so the draft usually says how many days it takes to pay after they receive the draft. Many companies delay the draft to run title on the property. I have seen cases when the bank didn't know what to do with the draft, most of the time it has been when I have sent leases to California. Most Louisiana banks and oil producing places around the country know what to do with bank drafts. Most of the time, if I send leases out by mail, I tell the people to send the lease back to me with the draft after they have made a copy of it.

No draft with the leases.  Thats's what I'm asking.  I could ask the land agent, I mean mineral consultant but I have more leases to have  notarized and send back.  Company is in Texas but Louisana minerals.  Fairly certain titles have been checked.


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