Look at the condensate in this completion.  This is their fourth similarly successful well in the James Lime.

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Nice well...

Thanks for FYI.


Nice. Do you know the other well names / locations?

Sublett #2H

Kardell #2H

Skillern 2H

All along Highway 21 East of San Augustine.

It would be nice to know if the water/condensate ratio holds.

Is the James Lime for real?  How far does it go?  Devon just permitted another JL well,  the Skillern#3H.


Hold on to your hats Ladies and Gentlemen.  We are in for a ride.

What do you mean?

Attached is the CXPO presentation from Feb.  I think my math is correct from pg. 27 that they are guesstimating somewhere in the 237k-317k barrels of oil/liquids based on the 3-4bcfe EUR at 46% oil.  I used 5.8mcf per barrel equivilant?  This would make the gas essentailly free on a cost to produce basis like the Eagle Ford but with the infrastructure in place already. 


Note: I am using the only numbers available to me at this time and do not claim them to be 100% accurate.


By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Aug. 12
– Devon Energy Corp., Oklahoma City, is drilling the Kardell-1 Jurassic Haynesville exploratory well in San Augustine County, Tex.

Log analysis while drilling through the Cretaceous James lime formation at 8,000 ft was encouraging, said 50% interest owner Crimson Exploration Inc., Houston.

The vertical pilot well is at 13,000 ft going to 13,500 ft. Cores are to be taken in Middle Bossier, James lime, and Haynesville shale before the horizontal section is drilled, probably in late October or early November.

What took them so long?

Did Devon unload their leases in northern Sabine County  to Chesapeake,  or let them expire before they sould have?  Thanks for staying up on this Alongview. 

They had some sort of an agreement to let CHK drill on some of their leases, the rest they let expire altogether.  I sure hope this is bigger than a few wells and that Crimson got their map from reliable core samples and not just from a magic 8 ball.

Are there any updated production reports on the Halbert Trust-James Lime well? Thanks


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