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Looks like great news!  Hopefully it will bring down the cost of wells/production?  jhh
JHH, I hope the true value is that it represents the realization by pumping service companies that they have to make public the ingredients in frac fluids to put an end to the controversy.  Too many people suspect or believe that the industry is pumping poison in the ground.  There are still issues to be addressed such as point source pollution at surface locations but that problem is not related to fracing.  IMO, the public uproar must subside before Congress will move forward on energy policy favorable to nat gas production from unconventional reservoirs.  Energy company executives and, recently, stockholders in companies such as Halliburton and Schlumberger have been lobbying management to publish their formulas.  This is a step in that direction.
While this is good news, for most of the "anti's" it won't make a whit of difference, they will find another angle.
I disagree, essay.  The "antis" as you style them have staked out their ground which can now be cut from under them by making public the ingredients in frac fluids.  Politicians need cover to make tough decisions.  And if you can discredit the antis you free them up to vote for logical energy policy.  In fact I think that many of the antis could be persuaded to buy into the environmental advantages of nat gas if the specter of fracing was no longer an issue.
I hope you're right Skip.  We need action not gridlock.

Essay may have a point here, but I think that the proponents of coal and oil can make more harmful usage of the following than the "antis" can.

I agree with Skip that the facts need to be told and the haze on fracing needs to be cleared up, but the battle has to be fought on multiple fronts.


I think natural gas would be vastly superior to coal environmentally even if it were to have no carbon emission advantage.  The article only gives passing credit to NG for its superiority in toxic emissions over coal.  Gas STAR's work needs to be accelerated and given more emphasis.  I believe the article is correct in stating that the more clear cut NG's advantages are over other fossil fuels, the better chance NG has for making headway against the entrenched interests of such fuels.  Clearly these interests will try to take advantage of any seeming chinks in the NG armor.



Call me a Schizoid, but I agree with both Essay, and Skip. The true Jonestowners of Al Gorism will be tough to win over to Nat Gas being an efficient, cleaner 'good' Hydro-Carbon based energy source. Publishing the ingredients of Frac fluids, is a must. Keeping the frac fluids makeup 'secret' will only feed the Enviro-Nazis propaganda that "it must be poison, otherwise, they'd disclose what it is". There is more, much more, to winning over the Antis. There is more than FIFTY years of propaganda put out by our treasonous lying bastard media, Greenies, and the non-stop stereotyping of "Oil" & "Oil Business" by Hollyweird as *bad/evil*, *dirty*, & *greedy*.  We've got 2-3 generations of Americans that were schooled in our public education system, that can't appreciate how fortunate America is to have the abundant natural (emphasis on 'natural') resources that won both world wars, and made this country able to become the economic envy of the world.
Well said John Duncan....... I agree!!!!!

HAL, I'm sure has this patented and PROTECTED. This is competition in this field. Telling the eco nuts what you are using, will simply destroy their ability to compete in this market. Every business man/company does this. Especially militaries of the world. I'll tell one chemical they are pumping a lot of into the well, and that is di-hydrogen monoxide.

This is a bad idea. It will bust open the protections provided by the US Patent agency on ALL products and processes. A can of worms we should not open. Period.

Glad there are new products coming on board to help with the wells.

Facts are irrelevant.  This is a US public policy discussion.


Remember the "mercury in vaccines causes autism" claims?  They quit putting mercury in kid's vaccines.  Autism rates didn't go down.  Did the mercury/autism conspiracy theorists stop?  No, they're just as vocal as ever. 

"Facts are irrelevant."



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