Haynesville/Bossier Shale - Geology and Fault Map - Nacogdoches County

Hello All-- Does anyone have a geology and/or fault map of Southwest Nacogdoches County, Texas that they'd be willing to share?  The area I'm interested in is located just to the Northwest of Sam Rayburn Reservoir on the Nacogdoches/Angelina County line. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if the Haynesville/Bossier Shale is present in this area and to what extent. Most of the existing production in this part of the County is in the James Lime or Travis Peak formations.  

Thank you very much!


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That area has both the HA and BO shales productive in what is called the TX South Downdip region. Faulting is not so much of an issue but depth, temperature, pressure, CO2 and H2S are issues.  Currently there is an Aethon rig just east of the reservoir in San Augustine drilling the Ichabods well and there are two Aethon rigs just west of the reservoir in Angelina drilling the Sarge unit.  Hope this helps.  

Thank you for the response ShaleGeo. Very good info.

I know that BP/Aethon have drilled some really good wells in Northern Angelina County and Southeast Nacogdoches County. I'm just curious as to why the area North and Northwest of Sam Rayburn have not been tested for HA and BO to date? Guess there's just too much other to drill....

Richard, let me preface my brief remarks with the caveat that I’m no geologist. There’s a lot of good operator presentations referencing Shelby Trough reservoir information via Google, although most is not current. It’s my understanding that the Haynesville is the source rock for the Travis Peak formation, which indicates a presence of the Haynesville formation in the area you reference. The question is whether this formation is prospective for development, which I can’t answer due to current economics. After reviewing some the Operator presentation materials, it appears that the estimated well EUR’s (estimated ultimate recoveries), as you move west into southwest Nacogdoches County from Angelina County, are not sufficient to make development possible considering drilling and completion costs. This is my opinion.

You may be right. It's still hard for me to believe that the EURs in that area are not sufficient to drill a well(s) considering that 2.5 miles away from the area I mentioned, there's a well Haynesville well that's made nearly 17 bcf in 36 months. But, I'm no geologist either. I guess in the end it's all speculation until a hole is poked in the ground. Thank you for your insight.  

Richard, I'm not sure which Haynesville well that you're referencing, but Aethon's most recent westerly well (the Gasosaurus Unit 2H) is located in the JR Crofton Survey (A-149). I understand that Aethon has extended some of BP America's original mineral leases (now assigned to Black Stone Minerals) in the Lake Kurth area (V. Michelli Survey). If your area of interest is that close to Aethon's recent drilling, then there may be some economic value. I suggest that you follow Aethon's drilling permit filings on the Texas Railroad Commission website. It will provide some information regarding their "step-out" plans. Again, my opinion.

Good luck with your evaluations.


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