What is the average Btu/cf of Haynesville Shale gas? Also, how does the Btu factor listed on the check stub relate to the Btu/cf of the gas?

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FXEF, the limited available information indicates wellhead gross heating value is +/- 1000 Btu/Scf.  The Btu factor on the check stub should be similar.



If I understand correctly, a Btu factor of .999 would indicate 999 Btu/cf and a Btu factor of 1.015 would be 1015 Btu/cf.


I have read that some Marcellus wells have a high Btu content and the Btu has be lower before entering pipelines. By them lowering the Btu is that just lost energy?

FXEF, the GHV of the Marcellus varies significantly from northeast to southwest with the southwestern production being higher and requiring to be processed before delivery to the gas sales pipeline.  The energy is not lost as it is associated with the recovered natural gas liquids.

If Btu values on check stubs for Haynesville gas is being reported anywhere from 957 to 973 on check stubs, but never higher, does that seem a little low?


My well in DeSoto Parish, Holly field ranges from .999 to 1.016 BTU factor.

Thanks.  The wells I am referring to are in Bossier, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised the Btu factors vary across the Haynesville play.  I'll narrow my question to Bossier Parish and ask if anyone is willing to report their Btu factors for Bossier wells.  Thanks. 

You have dry gas, Ben.  There aren't many heavys bound in it.  Gas plants liquify those prior to the long haul pipe.  Drips and scrubbers were common a long time ago.  It costs too much to spit it out on the ground or into a burn pit anymore.  Take it out and sell it.
I don't disagree with you Frank.  I'm coming from a different direction  - the royalty owner - where the lessee is using the Btu factor in calculating royalties owed.  Lower Btu factor = lower royalty.  That is why I was asking what Btu factors in Bossier others have seen reported. 
It should be well head BTU unless your lease provides elsewhere.  The point of custody transfer is very important.  They can also overlook lease terms.  I had to point out some no cost clauses to them.  Payment corrections did result.
Thanks Frank.  I am really posting to see if any other owners out there in Bossier Parish have had their lessees report Btu factors back to them on check stubs or otherwise for Haynseville wells, and if so, what have the Btu factors been.  As I mentioned above, I am seeing Btu factors of between .957 and .973.  As FXEF replied, in his wells in De Soto he is seeing ranges of .999 to 1.016.


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