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I have seen this documentary, and I was impressed. Mr. Kallenberg did a tremendous job capturing the dynamics involved with a shale play. I truly believe that this movie can change the way this nation looks at energy. This movie is not only for those involved in the natural gas industry, but those who want to see this nation become energy independent.

Here's the trailer.

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I'm pleased that this is now available and happy that it can be purchased through this website. I have been really interested to see this film from the moment that I first heard about it.


I am happy to bring it to you. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!
I've ordered my copy. Thanks, Keith.
Ditto. Thanks Keith!
I ordered the movie, but now I keep getting a pop-up screen trying to sell the movie ti me again. It comes up very often. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it???? It's driving me crazy.
If you don't mind too much, just leave it up - minimize it. More than one won't pop up. I need to run it for a day or two. Thanks for ordering.
Haynesville seems very much to be the O & G Industry attempt to do their own story. Pasture land and behind the homes of residents . OK I understand the potential for profit BUT the Industry is not doing it right. Please people look also at the risks. The MONEY can NOT be the only factor. The Industry has been caught releasing Benzene into the air . Dish, Texas a community of 250 had to do their own independent air atudy to find the truth. The Nation is rampant with stories of pollution of water and air and people getting deathly sick from toxins emitted during the process of drilling fracing and completing wells. The Industry is reluctant and pays millions to lobby politicians and govering agencies in every state to turn their heads. I understand that we need this resource BUT we need to make sure the Industry is DOING IT RIGHT ! Research these sites for more info. In the Barnett Shale we are currently forming a new political Coalition to put pressure to bear . Folks Dr AL Armendariz has been appointed to the EPA obver both Texas and Louisiana. The TCEQ in Texas had come out a year ago refutting Dr Armendariz's air quality study in North Texas and the Barnett Shale. His study stated that the VOC and pollutants emitted by gas drilling activity equalled all ground transportation sources. O & G and TCEQ originally tried to debate the study. Then TCEQ reported it was reasonable. Now HE is the Federal oversite of the TCEQ ( Texas Commission Environemntal Quality) They now report that benzene ( A carcingene ) was confirmed in Dish, Texas. And 2007 study reported invisible emissions from gas well sites and compressor stations. Has the Haynesville Shale seen the problems with these infrastructure needs or pipelines that invade neighborhoods. We have heard about dead cattle their from a frac water spill. SO I thinks you haven't traveled fully down the same road as far as us in Barnett Shale land. You can't dring natural gas and you can not survive with poisoned air. Learn from US> Check out another Movie " The Split Estate " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvT4PycSAPk Problems in Colorado and else where. O & G acts the same everywhere they say one thing and do as they please until they get caught . They DO NOT TELL YOU . EVERYTHING . What is your health or your childrens health or grandchildrens health worth to you ? More than all the money you might make I would think IF it happens to you IF THEY DO IT WRONG ! DO YOU TRUST YOUR O & G Governing agencies over O & G . Research and I'd bet you'd find they are being bought off too. PEOPLE MUST DEMNAND that this new Natural Gas drilling in the USA be regulated and controlled to the highest standard. Oh they threaten us that they will go to Haynesville, Fayetteville or Marciellus if we regulate them here in the Barnett. They hope you will let them be irresponsible and KILL you for money. We must all stand and demand Washington recind Bush era legistlation to exempt O & G from the Clean Water Act, Clean Drinking Water Act and 4 or 5 other environmental protection acts and PASS The Frac act to protect Water resources . Haynesville people do more research. I am sure with NG prices down the money is not flowing as much as you thought. Besides you better watch them because they are also known to have several ways to cheat or short change your royalty. Current royalties for about 1/4 acre of residential property right now in Barnett less than $20.00 per month.
Have you seen the movie?
I agree with Keith here. Haynesville is not an industry piece. It was independently funded and originally did not set out to discuss natural gas or the national energy situation at all. However, the more the film evolved, the more we interviewed professors, economists, industry experts, and environmentalists (like Bill McKibbon, author of the first book on climate change)- the more we realized that it is a viable solution to help us get to the completely green energy future we all want- at a cost. Watch the film, you'll see what we mean!

-Chris Lyon, Editor of Haynesville
OK One More Research site http://txsharon.blogspot.com/ This Barnett Shale Web site has been instrumental in revelations of videos of toxic emissions later revealed to be known to our TCEQ in fact the videos on the right hand link ARE TCEQ flare Camera videos done in a fly over in 2007 but not made public or brought any attention to industry where made available only through a Freedom of Information request. Pay attention to Barnett people of Hatnesville Fayetteville and Marcelius. We are a few years ahead on the learning curve you soon will see what we see. IT IS NOT ALL GOD"S GIFT. God would not want industry to poison people. It is all about the greed of the Industry.
txsharon has been on the site in the past. She is a member, or was. We know her message well. The fact that she isn't around much these days should indicate that her agenda did not find traction on GHS.
lol, No, it didn't. I think I remember she & I & one other member exchanged numbers about the percentages of particulate matter in the DFW area that were/are attributable to O&G and how much was attributable to on road vehicles (ORV'S). I think I offended her with my witty repartee and adept skills on a home calculator. I don't mind responsible & cautious operations conducted with due diligence by all parties involved, to include environmental issues. Some would say I chafe at, okay have a short fuse for, flaming rhetoric. ha, ha 80)


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