Attached is a township-range grid for Louisiana that shows the number of Haynesville Units for each township that contain at least one drilled and/or permitted Haynesville Shale well.

Each grid box contains three numbers. The first number is the total number of Haynesville Units for that township. The second number is the number of those Haynesville Units that have at least one permitted Haynesville Shale well while the third value represents the remaining Haynesville Shale units with no permitted well.

For example T14N-R14W contains the value "34/31/3". This would mean that 34 sections in that township have Haynesville Units with 31 of those units containing at least one well. The remaining 3 Haynesville Units do not have a permitted Haynesville Shale well.

I have also attached the three individual grids with shading to indicate higher levels of activity. Note that 23 townships have been fully unitized for the Haynesville Zone. Also three townships (T14N-R10W, T13N-R10W & T12N-R13W) have a permitted and/or drilled Haynesville Shale well in every section.

These grids show how far operators have progressed in holding by production a large percentage of the Haynesville Shale acreage. 

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Thankyou Les for posting this map.  To me, this is one of the best maps to follow - probably because I'm lazy.

Thanks Les,

Your and Henry's projects are GHS jewels.

Thanks Les,.....I certainly agree with the Dr.'s reply.

I need to know the acres in a unit. CAn I look that up on help appreciated

they are normally 640 acre units but can vary but a few acres + or -

Provide the section-township-range and we can give you the Haynesville Unit acreage.

Section 24 14N 11W

HA RD SUD is an odd shaped unit.  Neither the Field Order nor the well permit plat gives the total acreage (see links below).  It is possible that CHK filed the order in the Red River public records (Clerk of Court).

Field Order

Well Permit

Skip thanks for your help I emailed Chesapeake and got my answer.

Great information, Skip. Thanks for tracking this. There is much good advice/info on GHS.


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