BP joining the party via their old Amoco HBP acreage.

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The more the merrier. Jay, do you know anything of Continental Resources as they are applying for units in two of the same sections as BP in the Spider Field? And how are such competing applications normally handled by the commissioner?
Continental Resources is out of Enid, OK. They are a very big player in the Bakken Shale in Montana/N. Dakota. They also drill in the Woodford Shale in SE Oklahoma.

Of course, there could be more than one Continental Resources.

Todd M. Baker
So Jay, whose your money on in this application battle? BP or Continental Resources?

Not enough acreage leased by either one of these guys to come to your section. Patience, my friend. That shalebed on the north end has been a bit of a bugger to figure out. You'd rather be part of the good results than the 'experiments' at this point.
Actually BP picked up their first Spider Field banana back on April 28 so now they have a whole bunch.
Jay, I would liked to have been at that July 23rd Pre-Hearing Conference. Obviously there is a difference of opinion between BP & Continental Resources.

S6-T11N-R14W, HA RA SUBB Unit, BP, Spider Field, De Soto Parish
S6-T11N-R14W, HA RA SUBB Unit, Continental Resources, Spider Field, De Soto Parish

S36-T12N-R15W, HA RA SUX Unit, BP, Spider Field, De Soto Parish
S36-T12N-R15W, HA RA SUX Unit, BP, Continental Resources Field, De Soto Parish


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