Rosebud's discussion about unusual food combinations, got me to wondering if I'm missing any good Restaurants around town. I don't cook, so I've been to a bunch, but I'm sure I've missed a few.

What are some of the "don't miss" small establishments that I might have missed?

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The cost to maintain the building appears to be a major contributing factor in the decision to close. The other Murrell's locations will remain open.
Amen to Olive Street Bistro for authentic Italian -- yummy!

The Cotton Boll, around the corner from there, on Fairfield is a "hole in the wall" icon for homecooking.

Pepe's out Highway 80 in Red Chute has the BEST salsa.

I'd rather grill my own steak, boil my own shrimp, and fry my own fish.
Big votes for Olive Street Bistro.
Also try Herbie K's for off-the-beaten-path "shrimp buster" -- wonderful!

Best chinese, I think, is Lucky Palace - - and they deliver to a lot of areas of S'port-Bossier.
K E. Don't be telling the members about Lucky Palace. I won't be able to get a seat. Really, you are absolutely right, it is not well known but should be. One of my favorite lunch spots. I hope members will try Olive Street Bistro also. It's a little out of the way like Herby K's but well worth the trip. Particularly when you get tired of chains.
Oh, I'm not a chain eater at all! Too many years in New Orleans taught me about knowing that there t'ain't nuthin' better than food that was cooked up just for YOU!
Wilson's also serves a very good steak! My wife always get's the steak and I always get part of it.
The ultimate hole-in-the-wall, local Shreveport institution is Herby-K's. The Cub is a close second.

The only time I've had Herby-K's is when they had a small shop downtown in one of the bank buildings. I want to go there and I also want to try Fertitta's grocery. A friend told me they invented the muffaletta.
I've never had anything bad at Carraba's.
I like Wilson's too.

For pizza, don't laugh, I love to go to Sam's. (and it only taste good there - I've had them cook it and bring it home and it isn't as good).
Has anyone eaten at Newks (spelling ?) over by Lowe's and Kohl's? I've heard mixed reviews - some say they had a terrible experience, one of my neighbors likes it so much he's eating there every night.

Judging by the cars parked around the little restaurant, one would assume it was the best food in Shreveport - cars even line the vacant lots surrounding the restaurant.
I don't know, Jay. it's a good start. But I think the secret to curing everything is the addition of a slice of strawberry or peach ice box pie. In fact, I hope to never be cured as Strawn's Eat Shop is about 8 blocks from my house. I plan to be under treatment indefinitely.
Musta been the pie.


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