Hey folks, I hope everyone is getting ready to have a great 2020. I just wanted to remind you that anytime is a good time to donate to GHS. This website has chronicled the Haynesville Shale from the beginning. It has helped me and countless others. Where else can you connect with people leased to the same company or live near you??

Check out the Donate link below and please consider a small donation of any amount to help Keith and Anna cover the website costs for Go Haynesville Shale (and Geaux Tigers!)

PS: Sorry, it's not tax deductible. How much would you really get back even if it were tax-deductible? Not much. We've all gotten something more valuable, we have gotten knowledge. Oil and gas is a complex business and there are very few places a novice (like me) or even old pros can get honest information.
HANG   ( I'm still, Hopeful About Natural Gas, and in the new year I will be a lot more careful about screen names and the acrostics they spell! )

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