When the well cost forms disappeared from the SONRIS - Document Access Well Files, I started a search to find out why they were no longer available.  Although I found other search options covering the horizontal well severance tax exemption program, I couldn't find the original two page well cost forms.  So I did what I should have done in the first place, contact the SONRIS staff.  After explaining my problem, they did a little research and told me that the well cost forms were available through a different search,  Here is how to do it.

Go to SONRIS, Document Access.  In the search list on the left side of the page, select Application for Well Status Determination and enter the serial number of your well.  In that well file under the Category column, choose Horizontal Well.  This will pull up a copy of the well cost report that the operator must submit to qualify for their severance tax exemption. 

I have tested the search on a dozen or so wells and found only one missing the report.  I would appreciate if all interested members would look up their well.  If its not entered in the database, please let me know.


Compliments of the SONRIS staff, well costs have now been added to the Severance Tax Relief  Program search in SONRIS Data Access.  Use this link and keep in mind that the sequence is based on the Operator Code ID.  Some of the codes are numeric and some are alpha numeric.  Here is an example, at number 3312, far left column, are wells under the original Chesapeake ID (C084) and at 4441 are the wells under the current Chesapeake ID (C441).  If you scroll through it, you'll get the organization.


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These were wells for which you were having a lack of information available previously, and can now obtain via workaround?

(Kind of interested if they made the file process backwards compatible or not)

I tested the search with a half dozen wells that I had handy, all original HA unit wells.  I haven't had time to check for wells with completion dates after late 2015 when I began to see the Well Cost forms missing from the Document Access Well Files.  One problem is the unknown lag time for submission, approval and entry in the database.  I had an OOC database staffer check for a particular well by CHK that was a little over a year in production, There was no form.  I then randomly chose some other CHK wells from late 2017 back to late 2016 and didn't find those.  It was a small sample.

I had been under the impression that operators would want to file as soon as possible so as to stop paying severance tax ASAP.  That was before I discovered that the state pays interest on payments on severance tax paid prior to approval.  Do you know how often operators pay the severance tax?

I've added information to the discussion title and description that I think well help simplify the process of looking up well cost.  Many thanks to the SONRIS staff for responding to requests and making this change to the database.



"Date Tax Due: Tax returns must be filed on or before the twenty-fifth day of the second month following the month to which the tax is applicable.

Report:  The severer must report the kind and quantity of natural resources severed, the names of the owners, the portion owned by each, the location of each natural resource, and the places where severed.

The purchaser must report the names and addresses of all sellers and the quantity and gross price paid for each natural resource.

These reports are due monthly on the same date as the tax."

Thanks, Dion. Then the follow up question might be, what is the average length of time for review and approval at OOC?  Another, not related to enforcement, might be, why would an operator with a qualifying well decide not to apply for the severance tax exemption?  For example, S/N 249722.


Hmm...  Not sure.  There does not appear to be a limitation on number of applications or aggregate production under the program - two criteria commonly used on phaseouts as to redemption / exemption programs.

Given the types of costs available for recoupment under the program and what it may take to derive those figures for submission (time, actual costs computed per the supplier or service provider, etc., some of the delay likely is advantageous to the operator to obtain maximum exemption.  It's more than just direct well costs...  Link here...

Worth a closer look.  Thanks, Dion.

Pop ups are off and did not work for me.

I checked the link in the discussion title.  It is functional.  You must have some other computer related issue. 



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