But I can't think of a better reason why I'm not.  I'm assuming they had to shut down Keydets H1 to drill Keydets B1.  Not to mention the fact that I believe it was Julie that said they were drilling Boll Weevils as well.  Who else is excited about this new activity in this area? C'MON MAILBOX MONEY! 

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Mister Sunday.

XTO is active for some properties in San Augustine county that my wife inherited.  Seems some new DSL aka double stacked laterals have been completed and based on what I think I know, the existing production from a well or wells shall be shut in while the new wells or zones are fracked and eventually attached to a pipeline so production can flow and be marketed.  Couple months later the royalty owner finds a payment in the mailbox.

The name of some of the units I am following are the Miners, Fighting Camels, BSI/USFS F6 and seems it takes up to 6 months plus from the setting of surface casing to frac n complete n hook up to the pipeline to the mailbox.

keep er going Mister Sunday

All of the ones you listed are right close to the one I'm in, BSI Keydets.  I've been looking at the Bossier wellbores trying to get an idea as to how they perform.  From what I can tell so far they're pretty good.

Good Morning Sunday Mister Sunday it’s Sunday,

What do you mean looking at the Bossier wellbores?

Are you viewing production volumes from the unit(s)?  If so, where do you find the data and is it current?

Best or luck for you Sunday afternoon.

The Rail Road Commission site.

Hello there. I am new to this forum. There doesn’t seem to be much chatter recently or I’m not looking in the right place.

Anyway, I joined recently because I was recently contacted about leasing my mineral rights for depths greater than current lease and haven’t heard what the going rate is for the haynesville shale. I am east of Shreveport in the terryville field. I don’t know of a “haynesville” well this far East, but they did seismic study several months ago and they are going for it.

What should I expect them to pay for the lease?

What is their initial offer?

Main items in the lease are the royalty and lease bonus price and then the lease form terms should be explained to you so there won’t be surprises not understood.

I would expect a 1/4th royalty and I’ve got no idea on the bonus.  If they offered $500 per acre I’d ask em politely Et if they’d consider $1000 per acre and 1/4th royalty and see how they respond.

Tell em you’ve got someone helping you w the terms and will need to keep in touch w them before making a final decision and you are excited about he opportunity and it sounds good and we expect to be eager to participate.

Thank you

Have there been a haynesville lease signed recently?  My guess is that the pure play has been wrapped up a long time

The Haynesville Formation in Lincoln Parish is sand, not shale.  There are numerous long lived, vertical wells in north LA especially north Bossier, north Webster and north Claiborne parishes.  Wherever you find those types of wells, you have found the sand, not the shale.  The portion of the basin that is shale ends near the far southwest corner of Webster.  There are other historic productive formations below the deepest Cotton Valley sand in your vicinity.  The Gray Sand which is a member of the Smackover is one.

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