I want to know how to get a job with Jeffery Hildebrand. What a nice, Oil & Gas way to say "Merry Christmas."

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These bonuses were actually awarded back in June, the media is just very late picking up on it. The employees were given a challenge of doubling size of company over five year period and this was their reward. If an employee was there less than 5 years, their bonus was proportionately reduced. It seems as if Hilcorp has done a nice job of protecting its employees through the current downturn but they are known for running a lean crew aka sweat shop.

I bet lots of laid off oil and gas workers would be pleased to have a shot at working for his company.

There's no doubt about it! If you aren't afraid to work, seems like a great place to work according to some friends there.

I bet a bunch of folks who were afraid of hard work before the downturn have decided it ain't so scary after all.

Bobi, I understand that your wishes for employment are rhetorical in nature.  I know you are far too busy managing your land and mineral empire.  Just wait for more wells.


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