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When the investors who participated in the well get three times their money back.  So if the total cost was $10,000,000 you will come back in when the well makes $30,000,000.01.  I am not sure about LOE, TAXES, Transportation, Compression, Marketing costs being added to get to 300% payout.

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Probably not in your lifetime. My condolences.


Shirley, is the unit in Louisiana, Texas or Arkansas?  If the unit is in Louisiana, are you an unleased mineral owner?

It is the Dorcheat Wells in AR... Does that make a difference?

You didn't elect one of the lease options available under the integration order??

Actually, I believe Shirleysewell is a working interest owner in the unit on which  she went non-consent.  I know this because I am also a small WI owner in the units in which she went non-consent.  Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc. is the Operator of the units in the Dorcheat-Macedonia Field.   They are drilling infield Cotton Valley wells (vertical).  She inherited this from her father.

Yes, this is true.  I only went non-consent on some.  How long does it take to payback a 300%... I am in with most of the wells.. I am now getting a revenue that I am happy with... 

Did you know my Dad?

Shirley, Louisiana rules are very different than Arkansas and I am not familiar with Arkansas regulations.


By the way, in Louisiana you would not have been subject to a penalty if you are an unleased mineral owner. 

I am glad everyone knows!!!!!! Trust ME I would LOVE for my DAD to be ALIVE so I could get a real answer, come on... I thought this was place for everyone to help out... ARGH!!! ((SIGH)) I call his friends that are Landman like he was... 


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