Does anyone know if production could possible increase this winter, so that check amounts would increase to the amounts they were this past winter? My rights are located in Section 13,Township 12 North Range 16 West, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. 

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Well production may only increase by a modest amount occasionally because of operating conditions.  Without some intervention, production always goes down, not up.  The checks you got last winter were due to the increase in the price of natural gas.  Use the link at the bottom of my reply and look at the monthly prices from 2022 compared to the prices in 2023.  Big difference. 

Think of a Haynesville well as a bottle of pop.  Once it is opened the carbonation goes down.  Always less, never more.  Haynesville wells have steep decline curves.  That means the volume goes down quickly.  A typical Haynesville Shale well will produce 75 to 80% of its lifetime volume in the first 24 months.  It goes down quickly and then after that period it declines less.  Maybe 1% a year.

Natural gas prices should be better next year but your volume will be less unless you get more wells.

Thank you. 

You're welcome, Gaylia.


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