We are Keith and Anna-Faith Mauck. We own and operate GoHaynesvilleShale.com (GHS). We are a community of landowners who share information about leasing, drilling and production. With the pandemic’s affects on advertising, we are asking our community members and readership to consider giving to keep this website a place for networking, learning and promoting shale drilling. We want to ensure that we are able to continue operations through 2022
In the summer of 2008, we launched GHS to simply get answers to our own questions regarding leasing and drilling. Our property is in Sabine Parish. At times, it's been quite the roller coaster. When Petrohawk first approached us, my oldest was 2, she’s now 15! In 2008, we'd been married 5 years. We are now coming up on our 19th anniversary!
It was a pretty innocuous beginning, but when the website lit up with activity, I realized just how vital a service the website provided. It provided an edge for landowners that we did not previously have as land was leased and drilled by oil and gas companies. We've been helping each other by sharing information and knowledge to assist each other in some very real and tangible ways. From single moms to retirees, thousands have been helped. They’ve gotten better leases for their minerals and have made better income. And it’s all a result of neighbors helping neighbors. And today, members and readers continue to reap the benefits.
2 Ways to Donate
Several have said you prefer PayPal, use this link to give via PayPal - https://www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6...
The sites have always been 99% funded by advertisers and we've worked hard to keep it that way. We want to keep the site free and open for anyone who wants to join and participate, or join and simply read. This has been made possible through great advertisers and a loyal audience. However, with the pandemic, this has become very difficult. We've cut expenses, but there still remains fixed expenses.
We want to be sure that the network's fixed expenses will be covered for 2022 which will permit it to remain live. These expenses primarily include the software GHS runs on. Your donation will help us plan for a successful 2022.
And by the way, no donation is too small. Each donation is encouragement to keep plugging away.
Thank you for considering a donation!
Keith and Anna-Faith Mauck

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Thanks Keith, Anna-Faith and family for another year of GHS.  Much has happened of consequence this year and the website has been there to help the members.  I want to urge all my "friends" and indeed all GHS members to donate to keep the website serving mineral owners with assets in Texas and Louisiana.  Maybe in MS soon??  That's a hint TMS fans.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the GHS family.

Skip Peel

Members, I beginning to be concerned with the fact that this donation solicitation has 456 views but only 5 donations. I don't know of any other source of information and engagement that benefits our members in managing their mineral rights.  GHS is unique and it has helped thousands with realizing the value of their minerals.  Do you want GHS to continue assisting mineral owners?  The donation goal is quite modest.  I'd like to see us beat it.  Please consideration a donation no matter how modest.  It's a good investment.

Thanks to all those who have donated on PayPal. We have another $560 raised on that platform.

11/14 - $560

11/15 - $756

Thanks, Keith.  Could you provide periodic updates on the donations? So we can follow.

you bet...

Thank you.  We are now at 44% of the fund raising goal.  Let's make it to 100%.  The number of individual donations is still quite modest.

As of this morning 11/16 - $1050 among 12 donors on paypal. Very generous, thank you.

With the $590 on GoFundMe.

That's a total of $2090 from 22 donors.

Thanks for update.  The GoFundMe tells how much is donated there.  Pay Pal does not.  I agree with all the accolades,  GHS has been immeasurable for me.  Right this minute it is Christmas gift time But I'll keep you on my to do list to add.

I'm not back here often, but GHS has been good to me, and I won't forget it. It's been good for a lot of people who knew zero about natural gas. GHS has chronicled the rise, fall, and rise again in shale gas.

There is a lot of history in this blog. Keith and his family have done a very good thing and I hope it keeps going.


Keith, please post an update on the fund raising total.


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