Latest Chesapeake Haynesville Shale & Bossier Shale Map (10/14/09)

Attached is a Chesapeake map depicting their view of the outline of both the Haynesville Shale and Bossier Shale plays.

Their map of the Bossier Shale explains why there has been such an increase in activity along the southern portion of the Haynesville Shale play and certainly adds some excitement to that region.

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see below.
Ken, I do think the incremental value of the Bossier Shale is the real driver for the increased activity. Also, some leases will begin to expire in the next 1-3 years.
Ditto re: activity and lease expiration terms-- as told from some friends who are mineral owners that were leased by Chesapeake in the area
A friend is wondering about the well at Wrights landing in Noble - any info on this would be appreciated - this is my last question until I can find out the section - township and range of the area I am asking about - will learn how to obtain this info eventually.
Go to sabine parish group, examine the map, click on to the forest well (blackstone) and you can get your info., the donner well at kites landing is also available.
Good idea, ken. I think the well janice is referring to is the Donner well as it is all by itself on the south end of the lake. It was an Austin Chalk well that failed and is shut in.
Thanks les, we are lucky to have you!
You can count on it! (refers to Ken Hatcher"s previous question re the Bossier.)
The Muench 10 H-1 is on a pad that Chessapeak said would support 6 Haynesville laterals. They have never mentioned Bosier. Luisiana Midstream is negotiating pipline ROWs. They balked when one line was brought up. They said they needed two 16 inch lines, one for high pressure and one for when they well went to low pressure. I think they realy need two lnes so they can tap into two differnt pressurized plays. ie Haynesville Bosier. Any ideas never heard of one well "needing one high pressure and one low pressure" for a decline in pressure. Or mabe the second line is for collecting frac fluids, or the oil under Haynesville. Does anyone know why the Muench well got stared on the map? Whay do they need two pipelines?
Roy, most companies are installing trunkline and gathering systems sufficient to support multiply well pads. It is highly likely a pad will have some HS wells flowing into a high pressure line while other HS wells are tied into an intermediate or low pressure system. Initially both HS wells and BS wells could flow into the same high pressure system.

Muench 10 H1 Well is being drilled as a Bossier Shale test.


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