Heard of an offer this week (from Indigo) - NE Rapides Parish - $400 & 1/4.

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Did they td yet I am trying to get in contact with halcons to try to operate the well for them do you have any numbers I can call

heard echo just got $1000 1/4.  broadway alookin' good.


I'm confused (easily!).  Doesn't SONRIS say that Broadway is "inactive dryhole"?  I'm a leased landowner between LSUA and Alexandria, and less than a rookie at all of this.

They are fracking the Broadway, EOG used the same status codes on the Dupuy and currently the Gauthier.

this is 2nd/3rd hand.  i think this is what i have read in other threads:  most wells say inactive dryhole before the laterals are put in and then the fracking happens.  i think this is common, but does not mean p&a (plug and abandon) like the lambright now says on sonris.

this blog has taught me most of what i know (not much) but, i started as a less than rookie also.  do some searching (way at top of page) and get more info.    eg: rapides parish, broadway, lambright etc...

Thanks to both of you.  So "plug and abandon" really means that, but "inactive dryhole" isn't necessarily bad.  I mostly lurk here and try to learn what I can, and you guys really help us all out.

In my experience it is not usual for a horizontal well to be reported as Inactive Dryhole - Future Utility before the lateral is drilled.  I think I recall a member stating that it was a cost saving measure or something along those lines.  I've never heard that before or since however in any case the lateral was drilled before Halcon reported the well Code 31.


and....twodogs and skip are very good sources.  you can clik their names and find out tons of info.


skip, thank you.   did they core the lambright b/4 p/a?   asking for a friend.

Unless it is noted in the weekly drilling report to the state that information would not be in the public record.  There is no requirement to core or to report it. If it's not in the state reports only Halcon and their drilling contractor would know if a core was taken.  The SONRIS Well File under the Well Scout section indicates that the Lambright well was logged.

thank you.

BlackJack look at the comments on the Rapides Group.

So, usually when the vertical part of the well is drilled, they core the well.  What other tools will show whether or not the well will be a good well.  I know that usually the people that drill the vertical part of the well do not know if it will be a good well, according to the information that I read on here.  However, it seems like they know that it is not worth drilling the lateral.  How is this decision made?


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