Lease option renewal coming up for many in Avoyelles, any news?

I know that many people in Avoyelles signed with EOG and some signed with Halcon around the 2011 - 2012 time range and they had a 3 year lease with an option to renew after three years if the lease wasn't held by production. Well it's about time for the renews to start or possibly ,,,,, not. Is anyone hearing anything on that front?

In my gut I would think that the the Halcon wells in Rapides, the lower initial production rates of the EOG wells and the success in the eastern part of the play may have Avoyelles landowners not getting renewed under the contracted terms unless the greater oil maket dictates otherwise.


Any thoughts or news?

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Anadarko was betting on the Austin Chalk in Avoyelles and maybe some Wilcox if they found it going down to the chalk. They came in after the blowout in the Gulf. They bought a decent position in South Vernon Parish and bought a few leases in T1N-R1W in Rapides and the stuff in the Bayou Jack field in Avoyelles. I don't think EOG ever got that far to the South.

Anadarko sold leases to another company from what I understand from TMS postings.

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