Would like to find out if anyone else has been approached to lease recently?  What are the terms offered?  I’m curious if someone knows more than I do about productivity in Marion county if if this is just exploratory.  Thanks for any insight .  Vickie M.

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Vickie, suggest you post your question in the Marion County Group, see link below.  When you post in a group, all the members get an email notice of the new discussion topic.  That's doesn't happen when you post of the Main Page of the website.  If you haven't joined Marion County, do so first and then post your discussion.


Thanks Skip....I thought I did, but will post there.

Where are you in Marion county. Received an offer back in 2009 or so but they never followed up. As from Devin on property in eastern Marion near state line

Joe, suggest you post your replies in the Marion County Group, not this one.


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