I am a mineral right and surface owner of property located 4 miles south of Hwy 103 on FM 1751 in San Augustine county. Curious to know if there is any leasing going on at this time in the area. I communicated with several oil and gas companies a couple years ago but did not lease then. It has been quiet for some time now. Does anyone have any info on current leasing and which companies are looking for more acreage?

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Hi Rodney, I heard a couple of months ago that there was some leasing around Bronson and west out Little Flock Road. I think the discussion was on the Sabine County board and I will look for it to see who was leasing. Encana was active in this area back in 2008, along the county line.
Thanks, any information is greatly appreciated.
I have a small amount of leased acreage expiring in Nov. with SM buying the remaining term from SW. They want to renew 1-yr at 500; 2-yr at 1000; 3-yr at 1500, other terms unknown. Also another company, Paloma I think want to take it down with a new lease and seem pretty aggressive, but no serious offer discussed. As I recall, the rep may have suggested $2,500/nma with some favorable terms, incl. an option(s). I just as soon want to wait to see if ng prices, and current driling successes continue. If so there has got to be upward pressure on price per nma. Downside, I don't know that they (SM) can't get to it without releasing since they have adjacent acreage leased to the north (Ironosa 1H).
Have you heard anymore from Paloma? How would I go about contacting a company regarding leasing? I have tried to find a number for these companies but have had no luck. Thanks
Paloma called about top leasing when the current lease expires this year.  Has anyone had any dealings good or bad with them.  Bonus offer is the good and they are the only ones calling.
They just assigned a whole bunch of Shelby County leases to XTO.
I haven't seen where they have EVER drilled a well---------
How long ago did Paloma make you an offer?  I thought they were gone from the area months ago.

That creep 'lit a shuck' years ago &  'ain't coming back'.  Seems like a forestor-turned-oil-business-"guy " was raking off commissions on every swingin'-di_k that came down the road, to the detriment of his 'cl_ents' - but now can't be found. It's all about the money, as historically "usual"...

They have desperately tried to HBP big units, and that's winding down.  After that, they'll be able to drill 6-10 new wells on those units whenever they think they can make money...  I think the "big chill" has already started, unfortunately.


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