Anyone know of any leasing going on in Vernon Parish Louisiana? If so, who is leasing?

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Starting "production" probably means commencing drilling operations or location construction. Permit info attached - directional well with a 12,250' TVD that is being drilled to a BHL that is about one mile north of the surface location.


I had found the documents on line with DNR but beyond that I "remained clueless". Didn't think they were that far along to be in "Production" as they just registered July 2018 with the state. (but what do I know?)

Comment on one document mentions Wildcat Oil Field (I had to look that up teaux!).

(lost me again on the TVD thing and BHL thingee but hey ...)

Looks like you are going to be getting a crash course on oil field lingo.

Once location is built (7-10 days once it starts), getting in a rig and drilling this type of well is a 45 to 60 day operation at least.

But don't expect them to get out there right away - oil field is "hurry up and wait" in many instances.

Completion could take months - and reporting results longer.

TVD = true vertical depth (the distance if you were do straight down)

BHL = bottom hole location (the point the operator is looking to put the total depth of the well when all is done)

The Dec. 28 Weekly Rig Report shows no rigs assigned or spud in Vernon Parish.  FTW, the term, "spud", refers to the first day that the drill bit hits the dirt, the commencement of drilling.




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