New guy here so patience plz. Trying to locate a valid/current address for Texas International Petroleum Corp (TIPCO). Back story is a merger occurred in 1959 between Shoreline Drilling Co. Inc. & J.C. Trahan Drilling Contractor Inc. w/ the president of both companies the *semi-legendary* J.C. Trahan. In 1970 Trahan assigned all his interests in J.C. Trahan Drilling Contractor to TIPCO. 

Earlier this yr. based on solid advice, I retained an O&G law firm in S'port for representation in a HA 22-14-15 DeSoto well that CHK is the operator of. CHK has responded positively w/ our ORRI going forward, as has the 2nd largest WI owner PXP, so any help in locating TIPCO, the largest WI owner for our acreage would be a big help. 

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M B~

The U. S. District Court for North Texas placed the TIPCO/TIPCO Management assets in receivership in 1975 through a suit brought by the SEC.  The receivers were Richard M. Hull and Larry Schoenbraw.  Who is your Shreveport law firm?


Skip I tried to use Davis Powell but he had to decline once he saw my TO, as he was conflicted @ that point & I ended up w/ Downer Jones. I may email you this wknd/next week, we met @ the last La NARO confab, had sim. feelings about National NARO & then swapped emails later.

Send me an email and I'll send you the unit survey which lists the ownership interests and percentages for your section.

Thx for the offer Skip, will do so, been side-tracked this week w/ work & life but will email you this week.

CHK's atty. this time (did self-generated dem. letter in '15, got kicked down the road) cited the Risk Free Act (we anticipated such) & coupled w/ the recent amendment to it not being retroactive, our back pay *hopes* were an anticipated nyet.

Not complaining though, as mentioned earlier they have agreed to pay the ORRI going forward, received CHK's decimal interest #'s Mon. & working to verify those now. Still waiting on PXP's initial #'s (2nd largest WI owner) but they agreed on both back & future pay which is why I'm still working on TIPCO, the largest WI owner for our interest.



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