Not sure how much leasehold they have or what JV's they might have, but BP is another Gorilla. They just applied for their first HS unit--see attached.

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That's a great post. My question is how did you find this document? I know that you can search for proposed units in sonris but I could never find out who was applying for them. Is there a way? Thanks!
The Gorilla shows up late in the game to shake out the weak hands, that's why they are the big Gorilla and have survived.

This is not a time to "open your hands" it is a time to band together more strongly than ever.

This is a game of attrition and in this weak economic market and coming tough times it is more important than ever to be super cautious and super tight with your "deal".

All the little monkeys with shining faces moving quickly and deftly show up first to "get the quick and easy meat".

Late in the game now, some members are more desperate than others and BP knows this.

Why hasn't Boone Pickens made a substantial effort here on the shaler site?

Why is BP dropping in now that the shalers are 10,000 strong?

BP's hand is being forced because they see the threat that information sharing here on this ning website poses.

The big Gorilla is fat, lazy and greedy and will use its strength to crush anything in its path and will reward all the little monkeys who have circled you and worn you down. That is that game and shalers must "play a better game".

BP has entered the game also because fuel prices are set to go UP. They wouldn't be here if there was "no money" in the game, quite the opposite. There has to be "enough money" in the game for them to stake a claim.

Ever vigilant, ever cautious.

And remember, Boone Pickens "BP Capital" starts with the letters BP.

That ain't no coincidence.
I learned from a landman with 50+ years experience, with a little embarrassment at my assumption, that the "BP" in BP Capital is for Boone Pickens and that there is no connection between the two.
Jay is BP's acreage in a good spot for the Haynesville Shale? Also, how thick should the Haynesville Shale be under the BP acreage?
Thanks Jay. Thanks for all your contributions here! We so appreciate you!
"British Petroleum" (Pickens OR "Boone Pickens")

I believe it stands for British Petroleum but is it only coincidence that Boone was involved in naming BP Capital ... BP?

We fought a bloody revolutionary war against the British Crown in 1776 to found this nation and rip away the tyranny of the British crown that oppressed the people who immigrated to this great nation.

British Petroleum is indeed the British Crown, the bloody Queen of England.

Make no doubt. That it is a concerted effort to disavow the association of one of the most wealthy natural gas players in America with British Petroleum is the play they want you to see.

To say the one of the biggest players in natural gas has no association with British Petroleum is insane. They are in the SAME BUSINESS!

They dine at the same Country Clubs and rub noses with the same power base. Are we to think they are 'enemies' ??

I mean come on folks, it's in plane sight.
If you trust a landman, he has won the play already. I'm not slandering anybody or anything, I'm just looking out for the folks in my community.

Big Money is Big Power and 10,000 shaler voices have got them worried.

BP has entered the game because they see opportunity to TAKE ADVANTAGE of those in need, that is the essence of capitalism and you must play a better game.

Everybody can play the game. May the best man ... or woman ... win the day.

According to this logic, you must be tied to John David K(C)row, who as you know is also in the oil business... Even if you say you're not related and all facts point to the contrary, because you know, you are a landman, and even if I agree with you, I am a landman too, so, there you go...

Also, all lands held by production are in fact owned in whole or in part by British Petroleum and T. Boone Pickens, because, you know, that's HBP, and that's no coincidence either...
Dion. Stop it you're killing me! ROFLOL!
Okay, I wasn't going to question this because it was from ... well ... Dion. Thought maybe you had had some sort of serious head injury. I too LMAO before I "turned the page" and saw I was in good company with Skip & Krow doing the same.

Thanks for the humor, Dion. Have a good evening. sesport :0)
Dion I don;t "get" your 2nd paragraph, but I'm certain from my humble UMIO that Jim's last name is not Krow or Crow.

I know. Jim is not a Krow or a Crow in the Arklatex O&G lineage, but he is in the oil business, so you know, you never know... (:-{D>)

The word play was based upon the alleged coincidence and/or 'coziness' between British Petroleum (BP) and T. Boone Pickens (BP Capital), and how they may be tied (absurdly and/or humorously) to lands held by production (commonly abbreviated HBP).

Common initials - very secret and nefarious.



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