Today I recieved my copy of the January issue of Shreveport Geological Society Newsletter.  This issue contains notice of subject symposium to be held on March 24, 2011.  

Per this notice:  "This one day program will focus on the Lower Smackoverof South Arkansas and North Louisiana" "Registration will be limitted." I do not know if this will be open to

to memers of SGS members only or not. Details will be in February Bulletin. I plan to attend.



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North La,


I posted all information from Newsletter, but I will post more as I get new info.

Sorry. I should have said please give us a summary of the symposium after you've attented.

Hey Aubrey,

The symposium will be technical in nature. The three guys speaking are a geochemist, a carbonate petrologist, and a carbonate sedimentologist. Sound exciting?? Actually it should be interesting. My goal in putting it together is to help our understanding of how the Lower Smackover of our area fits into its regional context...particularly with areas in Alabama where the equivalent interval produces. No discussion of leasing, active companies, or specific well results is planned. Of course some of that kind of information may slip in but that's not the intent. Watch the SGS bulletin for more details. Bill

Bill,  Thanks for info. I hope to be able to arrange my schedule to attend and I think I can. I do think it will be a very interesting session. I like the technical aspect.  Thank you for arranging this session.       Aubrey
I would like to attend if it is open to non members.
I would be interested to hear a report also.  But even more I'd be interested to see a post by Mr. Sanders.  It's been over two months since he has posted.  Aubrey, we miss you.
I sent Keith an email and just spoke with Mr. Sanders on the phone.  Thanks for the heads up, tony.
Please send along details about the symposium.  There's growing talk about the lower Smackover.  It would be nice to know more.  jhh


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