My family owns minerals in The McLofflin Gas Unit , S. Holloway-A295, Harrison Co.   I have just recently received several

unsolicited offers to buy the minerals, which tells me there is probably some Haynesville or Cotton Valley activity either in the area or soon to be in the area.  Would anybody have any input into activity in the S. Holloway Survey, A-295 in Harrison County?    It this area of Harrison Co. prospective for the Haynesville or Bossier??

Thank you in advance,

Spring Branch Land & Minerals

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Rockcliff Energy has had very good success recently in Panola and Harrison Counties. They filed permits

for four Haynesville horizontal wells being the McLofflin HV A, B, C, and D. It looks like your original

McLofflin Unit comprises 669 acres of the newly formed 1963 acre unit. Good luck on your new wells. Permits

were approved in April of 2019.

I was able to pull a unit plat from the Railroad commission website, attached.


SB, they are drilling now.

All four wells were surface cased back in February. There has been a rig drilling on this unit since March so they will be finished before too much longer. There have been no HA wells completed that close to Waskom, as yet, so it will be interesting to see what they do. The nearest recent completions (Rockcliff, Comstock, Sabine) are ~4.5 miles to the SW and they have all had an IP in excess of 15 MMcfd.

Thanks to Jffree, Jay and Jon.  You have been very helpful!  I see now why they wanted to buy the minerals.  Four new Haynesville wells!


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